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The Network

6 continents, 100+ cities, 70+ accelerators—1 standard for entrepreneurial excellence

We are a network of the most respected accelerators around the world. GAN accelerators provide startups with the resources necessary to create and grow businesses, wherever they are.

Our Story

In 2010, two co-founders of TechStars—Brad Feld and David Cohen—had the grand idea to connect the top mentorship-driven, seed-stage accelerators around the world. At the time, TechStars was becoming more well-known and accelerators were popping up everywhere. Alongside the White House’s Startup America Initiative, we launched to align top accelerators and create a standardized model for their success.

The Power of the Network

Industry-leading accelerators, recognized on sight

Simply put, our goal is to support accelerators in growing successful startups, wherever they are. This support comes in the form of a powerful collaborative network, collating industry data and best practices, and attracting the best startups and investors to support GAN accelerators around the globe.

  • Best Practices to run an accelerator
  • Exclusive access to industry data
  • Annual Managing Directors Conference
  • Discounts and perks for GAN accelerators and their companies
  • Community of peers
  • Connections to mentors and investors
  • Consulting Services
  • Investor Connections

In short: We give Clark Kent accelerators their cape to be Superman.

Our Program Criteria

What qualifies an accelerator program for GAN membership?

  1. Short-Term
    3-6 month long program
  2. Mentorship-Driven
    40-80 mentors
  3. Small class size
    Up to 10-20 companies going through a program at a time
  4. Accelerator funding
    Each program has set aside funding & resources for multiple sessions
  1. Terms are favorable to entrepreneurs
    • Companies are not charged to join the acclerator program
    • A small equity stake (usually 6-8% in the U.S. and 8-10% non-U.S.)
    • Space, internet and desk/chair provided to the entrepreneurs
  2. Strong management teams
    (who are usually entrepreneurs themselves)
  3. Have run at least 1 successful program.

News & Announcements:

Accelerator News To Kick Off 2016

It takes a village to start a company. GAN accelerators do a great job surrounding entrepreneurs with a supportive network, which is why we wanted you to know nine awesome things GAN members are doing for the startup industry!

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Who We Are

Meet the people behind GAN

Leadership Team

  • Cody Simms
  • Timothy O'Connell
  • Gonzalo Costa
  • Eric Mathews
  • Robb Kunz
  • Ramez Mohamed
  • Brett Holland
  • Patrick Riley
  • JJ Oslund
  • Dani Larson
  • Sarah Strauss
  • Jake Smith
Patrick Riley

Patrick Riley


Patrick Riley is the CEO the Global Accelerator Network. Most recently he was on the executive team at Techstars where he oversaw its business development. He started his career working for W.L. Gore and Associates and moved into the leadership of the American Red Cross in Washington, D.C. Patrick left the Red Cross to manage the west coast sales and operations for a venture backed healthcare technology company that had a recent exit. Following his passion to support start-up companies around the world, Patrick joined Techstars and the Global Accelerator Network. Outside of work, he enjoys spending time with his wife, bike riding, traveling, and skiing around Colorado.