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DAI Accelerator

Bethesda, MD (North America)

Quick Stats:

DAI accelerator will become the public/private platform to develop, test and launch new solutions to the myriad of problems facing emerging economies. In line with the expectation in our core market, products for Smart Government and Food Security could be pilot areas for collaborative development. DAI selects 10 -12 business partners for 3 months acceleration, businesses with products or technology with high potential to solve development problems demanded by DAI’s clients. DAI Accelerator is responsible for management, staffing and costs associated:
• design of the application process and software,
• design of evaluation process and evaluating and short-listing candidates,
• identification and coordination of potential international sites/project for field test,
• cash prizes provided to selected organizations,
• Mentors for selected organizations through product market fit test, business plan development ongoing market linkages and connection to contracts, donors and investors

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