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GAN Summit

This year, we are debuting the first ever 4-day GAN Summit. Join us for 4 days of world class keynotes, workshops and opportunties with industry leaders. We’ve carefully crafted this Summit to unite the Global Accelerator Network.

October 1 & 2: Building on the tradition of previous years in La Jolla, NYC and London, we’ve curated exclusive meetups for GAN MD members.

October 3 & 4: We’re hosting a Global Founder Rally for GAN Programs & Founders, connecting each other, partners, and more. Sign ups for your founders will be coming soon.

Email hannah@gan.co to learn more.

Member Roundtable Call

One major pain point for many accelerators these days is finding and securing the best quality deal flow. Join us for a roundtable chat with Marty Bauer, the Managing Director at Iron Yard. We’re going to bounce questions off one another, get ideas and talk about how to get the best deal flow for your program.

Denver Startup Week

We’re participating in Denver Startup Week with an Accelerator Track. Email Hannah (hannah@gan.co) for more information.

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The Industry:

The Secret Silicon Valley Shouldn't be Hiding

As a senior technology correspondent for CNN, Laurie Segall has interviewed many of the biggest players in Silicon Valley over the years. But in her new docuseries, Mostly Human with Laurie Segall, she sets out to unveil some of the darker sides of entrepreneurship and the tech industry.

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