• Location: South America, Colombia, Bogota
  • Timing of Applications: Summer
  • Focus: Agriculture, Food/Beverage
  • Vertical: Wellness

is a food & beverage tech accelerator. We promote entrepreneurship and share knowledge to help develop and escale the industry with innovation and technology to create access to good quality food for everyone, everywhere.

Ampersand-et is a vertical accelerator focused on the food and beverage, retail and wellness industries based on technology and innovation and pursue the following objectives:

ACCESS: Promote access to high-quality food and services through the use of technology and innovation for all types of consumers by accelerating high-potential multi-country enterprises and enterprises.

DEVELOPMENT: Encourage and develop entrepreneurship and new businesses that create jobs and improve the respective industries with technologies, innovation, and new products.

KNOWLEDGE: to promote, concentrate and share knowledge focused on future vision, innovation, new developments, supported by private and corporate venture capital funds and government entities to develop an ecosystem that promotes the growth and potential of industries.