9 Awesome Accelerators & A Startup


It takes a village to start a company. GAN accelerators do a great job surrounding entrepreneurs with a supportive network, which is why we wanted you to know nine awesome things GAN members are doing for the startup industry!

Breaking Geographic Boundaries


It’s a great time to highlight a couple of regions that may not immediately pop into your head when you think of entrepreneurial ecosystems. The truth is, some surprising cities and countries around the world have made remarkable steps in evolving their startup communities and how they serve entrepreneurs.

8 Tips for Selecting the Best HR Company for Your Small Business


One of our partners, Kim Runyen from TriNet, wrote this post on September 23, 2015 for the TriNet blog.
As an entrepreneur, you founded your business because you are passionate about the product or service you provide the world. However, on the road to success, you probably found that your time spent pursuing your passion is crowded with other common business needs – such as marketing, accounting and – the big one once you hire your first employee – human resources.

Age Is Just A Number


The gender gap in technology is a huge problem but the lack of diversity goes even farther than gender. In the startup world, we see a pretty similar demographic and not only is there a lack of females but a lack of varying ethnicities, educational backgrounds, religious views, and age groups.