Practicing What You Preach


After wrapping up year one of Launch Pad Ignition last June my co-founders and I took some time to reflect on our first year. The program was successful, but we knew there was room for improvement.

The role of an accelerator is to identify startups with a strong team and winning idea and help them improve their odds of success. It’s our job to design a program that will help them become stronger founders and connect them to the resources they need, be it capital, mentorship, talent, or direction. Everything else is lagniappe.

We value honesty and self-awareness in our founders, so it’s important that we hold ourselves to that standard by assessing Ignition’s performance and making changes to incrementally improve the program.

2011 Founder Conference in Las Vegas


Recipe for entrepreneurial inspiration: Take three nights and four days in the cavernous conference rooms of Caesar’s Palace in Las Vegas, add 60 companies, dozens of founders, six amazing speakers, a mechanical bull, and shake well.
Brad Feld and Jason Mendelson of Foundry Group spoke about building entrepreneurial community and how to get to yes with a venture capitalist. Doug Ludlow told us why it’s more important to have entrepreneurs than employees on your team. We would love to tip our hat to the Vegas tech community for joining us at our standing-room-only community happy hour on Saturday night. Big things are happening in Sin City, and we don’t mean on the Strip.