Demo Day: Victory Spark


With over 50 members in the network, many running multiple accelerator programs each year, our team has the opportunity to attend a lot of demo days. Just as each member accelerator has their own unique qualities and flavor, we’ve noticed these assets playing themselves out in demo days as well. We greatly enjoy attending demo days and seeing their different characteristics, we think this experience was worth sharing.

Victory Spark is unique to the network as it is the only accelerator exclusively for U.S. Veteran-led businesses. Wisconsin-based VS is headquartered in Milwaukee and has an additional branch in Madison. This is the first session, teams and demo day in the Victory Spark program.

#GANFounder 2012 in Review


When you bring together over 300 of the smartest, hardest-working, most innovative entrepreneurs in one room, you can be pretty certain that awesome things are going to happen. In lieu of telling the story from our seat, we gathered together the great insights our members have been sharing and put it in one place:

RidePost: Making Us Proud


From RidePost: While the NY/NJ region is a far cry from South Carolina, we are still in a position to help those that were affected by the devastation brought on by Hurricane Sandy. We at RidePost were already planning a road trip up to the Boston area for a conference, with plans to pass through New York. That’s when it clicked: let’s try to get some things together to donate to the Sandy relief effort – why not? We want to help if we can. And while we’re at it, let’s invite others to join us in our efforts.

Our First Year as an Energy Focused Accelerator


We launched a mentor-driven seed accelerator in the Energy Capital of the World, Houston, focused on the intersection of Energy + IT. We primarily focus on software and software enabled technologies that help solve the world’s energy problems. Software can make our world’s energy value chain more efficient by empowering new energy sources, reducing the footprint and resources required to find and extract our natural resources, upgrading our century old electric grid and protecting it from cyber attacks, creating new energy markets, increasing the visibility and diminishing the risk of new and existing energy markets, and enabling consumers to reduce their own power consumption.

Are Accelerators Really Helping Startup Companies?


It’s a great question and one that I’m asked about every other day.
There is a new accelerator that seems to be popping up at least once a week. I would argue that every large city around the world has at least one accelerator that’s promising boatloads of funding, connections to famous mentors, and life-long happiness. But are accelerators really delivering on their promises?