Steve Blank on accountability, teaching mentors and founder discomfort.


On our last Global Accelerator Network Managing Directors call, we were fortunate to be joined by Steve Blank and the NEXT team at Startup Weekend. Steve was an incredible guest, sharing about entrepreneurship, the lean movement and giving us time to pick his brain about customer development.

Though the call was jam-packed with great information, Steve made three points I can’t get out of my head:

1. Accelerators Should Encourage Founder Accountability

Springboard IoT: The First Internet of Things Accelerator


The application deadline for the new Cambridge based Springboard IoT accelerator has just been extended to January 13th. While Springboard is known as a leading web and mobile accelerator, this will be their first IoT program. We caught up with Springboard founder Jon Bradford to learn more about this exciting development.

What is IoT (Internet of Things)?

The term Internet of Things (“IoT”) refers to internet-enabled devices that can network and communicate with each other and with other web-enabled gadgets and services. IoT devices also have a number of common attributes including low powered, embedded processors with mobile communications to connect to the Internet. These connected devices are typically powered by software delivered using a cloud computing technology. Fitbit, Lockitron, Nest and Withings are IoT devices.

My 12 Favorite GAN Moments of 2012


Being days away from entering 2013, we couldn’t let 2012 pass without a look back at where the GAN and its accelerators have come this year. We were witnesses to so many incredible things in 2012, it was hard to narrow the list to just 12, but Sarah Jane said I did because it would make for a better blog title. So here they are – the top 12 GAN moments of 2012.

Accelerator Adventures: Day in the Life of a Program Manager


Meet Eric Dodds, first year Program Manager at South Carolina based accelerator The Iron Yard. As The Iron Yard gears up for their second program (Apply Here!), we thought it would be interesting to ask Eric to share the insiders perspective as he cuts his teeth. Good news for us, he agreed to tell all… and it turns out he’s pretty funny too. He’ll be updating us about once a month, so be sure to keep coming back to hear his new adventures. Take it away Eric…

If you had said the words ‘Seed Round’ to me two years ago, I would have assumed you worked in landscaping. But change can do a lot with two years, and as I write this I’m surrounded by entrepreneurs at an accelerator. And none of them work in landscaping. But I’m getting ahead of myself.

Founder Profile: Crowdhall


Meet Crowdhall: a venue for crowd-sourced town halls.

What’s a crowd-sourced town hall? Well, it’s a platform for individuals, organizations or businesses to host a crowd-curated conversation.

I recently caught up with Austin Hackett, one of the 3 cofounders of Crowdhall, to learn more about his experience at The Brandery – a Cincinnati based accelerator and GAN member.