The Iron Yard Asheville: Accelerating Green Tech


We’ve been big fans of the Iron Yard from their start as a one accelerator program based in Greenville, South Carolina. Over the last 16 months The Iron Yard has exploded, expanding their offerings to include multiple accelerator programs, coworking and one of the finest code schools around. They’ve just announced announced accelerator location number 3: an Asheville, NC program with a focus on green tech. Following The Iron Yard Chief of Strategy Jon Saddington gives insight on the expansion to Asheville and why they know a green tech accelerator is right for Asheville:

Startups Need Conviction


Eric Dodds is a first-year Program Manager at South Carolina’s finest accelerator, The Iron Yard. Back in January we talked Eric into sharing his experiences as he navigates his way through his first program (The Iron Yard’s second) and share the good, the bad, and the ugly about working at an accelerator. Take it away Eric…

The Startup Life™ is thickly shrouded with threats of difficulty. First you’re required to have an astoundingly novel idea that promises to capture a gigantic industry or market. (Or at least be able to convince people of those things.) Next, you need a killer team, preferably one with a brilliant engineer co-founder who’s willing to give up a six-figure income to work tirelessly on your product.