It Pays To Be Different - Why building your company outside Silicon Valley may save it


While places like San Francisco and London get the most attention in the tech space, startup ecosystems are emerging all over the world. San Francisco and London didn’t become tech hubs overnight – and we’re seeing hubs quickly emerging in places like Buenos Aires, Prague, Cairo, and throughout the midwestern United States. But the question is: Why would you want to build your company in a “new” startup ecosystem?

Breaking Geographic Boundaries


It’s a great time to highlight a couple of regions that may not immediately pop into your head when you think of entrepreneurial ecosystems. The truth is, some surprising cities and countries around the world have made remarkable steps in evolving their startup communities and how they serve entrepreneurs.

Startup Communities, The Creative Class and Accelerators


Thanks to our monthly Managing Directors’ call, we recently had the chance to spend an hour with Brad Feld and Richard Florida to talk about startup and creative communities and where accelerators can play a part in both.

I wanted to share five of my favorite takeaways from the conversation, applicable to startups, accelerators or just about anyone looking to improve, build or strengthen their creative community.