How Corporations are Getting Smart About Startup Engagement


It is no surprise that startups are receiving increased attention and resources from corporations who are looking for early stage companies to help solve their problems in new and innovative ways. Here are four models that are working for both corporations and the startups around the GAN community.

Going the Extra Mile


When startup founders join GAN member accelerators, they gain access to the best resources to help them build their companies. Among those resources are over $800K of perks from our amazing sponsors. Our sponsors not only offer perks for their products but many of them take the time to mentor startups with face-to-face office hours. Take SoftLayer, an IBM Company, for example, which provides on-demand IT infrastructure, servers, and cloud services for startups and corporates around the world. SoftLayer is devoted to offering every advantage they can to startups. With representatives all around the world, SoftLayer is able to personally visit almost all of our member accelerators and introduce themselves to the startups going through those accelerators.