4 Reasons You Don't Have to Move Your Start-up to Silicon Valley to be Successful


*Originally posted on CNBC here.

It’s no coincidence that some of the most successful start-ups in history — including many of the so-called “unicorns” — are headquartered in Silicon Valley. The Bay Area’s proximity to top tech talent, a plethora of incubators and accelerators, and a “who’s who” of innovative companies make it a fertile hunting ground for venture capitalists looking to throw money into the next Facebook or Apple.

Dear Entrepreneur: Your Tunnel Vision Is Shooting You In The Foot


I want to share a story about something that happened when Patrick and I were traveling home from SXSW.

Shortly after joining the team at GAN, one of our accelerators gifted me a hoodie, which features their branding. I almost always wear it when I travel (it’s so comfy!) and have had multiple experiences where people recognize the accelerator and will start a conversation with me. It’s a great way to connect with entrepreneurs and almost always affords me the opportunity to talk about the network and all our incredible members.

Founder Profile: The Good Jobs


Founder Profile: The Good Jobs

Meet The Good Jobs: a marketing platform that helps companies find top talent by leveraging their corporate culture and employment brand.

The Good Jobs cofounder Anne Nimke recently shared their founding story with us, including how the Gener8tor program was a game changer for their company.

Founder Profile: Crowdhall


Meet Crowdhall: a venue for crowd-sourced town halls.

What’s a crowd-sourced town hall? Well, it’s a platform for individuals, organizations or businesses to host a crowd-curated conversation.

I recently caught up with Austin Hackett, one of the 3 cofounders of Crowdhall, to learn more about his experience at The Brandery – a Cincinnati based accelerator and GAN member.