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If you were starting a business 20 years ago, you’d typically spend most of your time running around town searching for customers, investors, and mentors. In a single day, you might only have time for one meeting with a customer and another with an investor. If you were lucky, you could squeeze in a meeting with a mentor. Carving out time to work on your actual product generally meant sacrificing sleep.

The Top 10


It takes a village to start a company and GAN accelerators do a great job surrounding entrepreneurs with a supportive network. Which is why we wanted to take a moment and highlight 10 awesome things GAN members are doing for startups!

GAN Exchange Success

Through the Global Accelerator Network all accelerators and the startups that go through these programs are able to visit other member locations throughout the world. This “Exchange Program” offers a unique opportunity to visit a region of interest for potential expansion, or a region where the market is stronger etc. On these exchange trips, companies are allowed to work out of the hosting accelerator’s office and have the chance to make local connections through introductions and meetings and expand their business network.

Springboard IoT: The First Internet of Things Accelerator


The application deadline for the new Cambridge based Springboard IoT accelerator has just been extended to January 13th. While Springboard is known as a leading web and mobile accelerator, this will be their first IoT program. We caught up with Springboard founder Jon Bradford to learn more about this exciting development.

What is IoT (Internet of Things)?

The term Internet of Things (“IoT”) refers to internet-enabled devices that can network and communicate with each other and with other web-enabled gadgets and services. IoT devices also have a number of common attributes including low powered, embedded processors with mobile communications to connect to the Internet. These connected devices are typically powered by software delivered using a cloud computing technology. Fitbit, Lockitron, Nest and Withings are IoT devices.