Creating a Culture of Trust

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How the “Appreciate” Changed our Company Culture for the Better

I’m always a little amazed that we can work around other humans on a regular basis. It’s no surprise, I mean if we take an inventory of how often we feel slighted or moderately bothered by one of our colleagues, it’s probably at least once every few weeks if not more. I guess to a certain extent, it’s to be expected. We all have different goals, visions for the future, and personalities.

It Pays To Be Different - Why building your company outside Silicon Valley may save it


While places like San Francisco and London get the most attention in the tech space, startup ecosystems are emerging all over the world. San Francisco and London didn’t become tech hubs overnight – and we’re seeing hubs quickly emerging in places like Buenos Aires, Prague, Cairo, and throughout the midwestern United States. But the question is: Why would you want to build your company in a “new” startup ecosystem?

Three Reasons Companies Are Not Getting Funding


This week I’m in Honolulu visiting the Blue Startups accelerator and the companies in their latest cohort. As I end my meetings most of the companies ask something that almost every startup asks, “how can I get VCs to invest in my startup?”

Intentional Collisions Matter


Even though I have a few startups and ventures under my belt I do not consider myself incredibly strategic when it comes to planning out a good company or even a decent product for that matter. Specifically, most of the so-called “great” ideas have been the result of great conversations with intelligent people that I’ve encountered, some entirely random.

The principle that can be extracted here is quite simple: Do everything you can to increase the chance of “natural” and “organic” collisions with other intelligent people. You can call this “networking” (or a number of different things) but the actual vernacular is, of course, unimportant. The point is that you should do all that you can to encounter, frequently, other creative and like-minded people and businesses that are being exceedingly productive.

3 Things You Can Do To Become a Better All-Around Hacker


The first month of 2014 is already over and if you’re anything like me then you’re already wondering where the heck it really went!

It’s that weird feeling of great accomplishment mixed with a tinge of the fear and anxiety that not enough has actually happened (or that you’ve been able to accomplish enough). Unfortunately for us entrepreneurs it’s a tension that has to be managed and is impossible to fully solve!

And we all want to improve this year and take whatever great ideas that we have and make them into some tangible reality. Whether it’s really the next big thing or if it’s a completely personal goal it always helps to become a better hacker, someone who can tackle a challenge, regardless of circumstance or resources, and make things happen.

Here are three things that you can do to up your hacker “game,” so to speak, in 2014: