Accelerators & Incubators: what has happened in the last decade?

This was originally written on Medium by one of members, Timothy O’ Connell , he heads the H-FARM Acceleration Programs.   Accelerators and incubators have played an important role the last decade in fostering entrepreneurial culture and helping early-phase projects to take off. Often these actors have been the first partner for startups looking for guidance, […]

Getting Startups the Human and Financial Capital They Need

When a startup is getting off the ground and running, it’s easy to think of a lot of things they need help with. The first one people think about is capital and the second one is usually customers. However, startups also need a lot of social support. They need to know that they’re not alone in this journey.

The GAN Brand Refresh

Where We’ve Been For the longest time, GAN’s brand has been focused solely on accelerators. For nearly seven years—since GAN started—our brand has stayed the same. We describe ourselves as a network of the most respected independent accelerators in the world. Fast forward to 2017: We find ourselves with a growing community of more than […]

Funding Raised is not a KPI

The fundraise as an end in itself: this is the trap that many are guilty of falling into, even for a brief moment. The point of raising money is to help your company more quickly and thoughtfully build a successful business. But there are far more important metrics that need to be tracked to determine […]

How Corporations are Getting Smart About Startup Engagement

It is no surprise that startups are receiving increased attention and resources from corporations who are looking for early stage companies to help solve their problems in new and innovative ways. Here are four models that are working for both corporations and the startups around the GAN community. 1.) Corporate Accelerators – Sprint Accelerator and […]

Mission Fueled

Below is a story about one founder whose personal story inspired his startup journey.  All founders need to look for deep motivations that will sustain them through the droughts and storms that inevitably come when building a company. The perfect example of this is Nicolette, a recent graduate from the Boomtown Accelerator in Boulder, Colorado. […]