Hubspot Scholarships Bring Founders to US for GANRally

By: Sebastian Levin, Co-Founder of Merit HR
Buenos Aires, Argentina

The GAN Rally is an event that unites a cosmopolitan group of entrepreneurs, (in seed capital stage) with managing directors of accelerators, and entrepreneurs who have already climbed that stage.

I think the initiative is spectacular, you go into a room in which you do not know anyone and a place to sit is not predetermined. Therefore, you can sit next to anyone without knowing who it is or what does he/she do.
After a while, you discover that the person sitting next to you is an expert in a certain field and is in charge of some workshop or talk that can be useful for you.

It’s a fantastic opportunity to sharpen your pitch and each day you really connect with at least 10 to 20 people, (it depends on how talkative and/or extroverted you are) which means you will naturally get pitch advice from some of them.
Also, you have mentor speed dating, another great opportunity to pitch your idea to mentors of different accelerators, who will generously give valuable feedback. From there, maybe you could find an accelerator or VC that fits with your business.

In my opinion as an entrepreneur in seed capital stage, the GAN whole experience gave me the valuable opportunity to discover the latest practices and tools that entrepreneurs are currently using, as also described in real cases, by the same entrepreneurs who are in a next stage than mine (Series A)

These tools and practices are taught through presentations, talks, and workshops. The speakers want the audience to participate with questions. And if your query was still not answered, or you are not satisfied with the answer you obtained, the speakers were readily available afterwards for quick consultation (one to one).

When are you going to have the opportunity that a leader in your industry can answer your questions? The answer is in the GAN.

Sebastian Levin
Merit HR, Co-founder

Merit HR is a startup that helps companies evaluate job candidate and train employees through virtual gamification.
Merit HR is part of the 3rd batch of Orion Startups, a GAN Member in Mexico.

Hubspot is a member of the GAN Corporate Partner Network and graciously sponsored travel for select international founders to attend the GANRally in Denver, Colorado, USA.

Startups in the GAN Community get access to over $1 million in discounts, including the Hubspot 90% Scholarship Program